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Abortion Methods Using Abortion Pills Online

Abortion is a legal and safe way to terminate the pregnancy. The abortion methods depend upon the trimester of the pregnancy in which the woman is. For the confirmation of the pregnancy stage, sonography is done and also to check if there is no ectopic pregnancy.

Early abortion usually is to terminate the pregnancy before the development of the fetus that is around 10 weeks of pregnancy. There are three methods which are available for the early abortion of the pregnancy that is during the first trimester, these are: Manual Vacuum Aspiration, Surgical Method and Medical Aspiration.

Medical Aspiration: The abortion pills work by blocking the pregnancy hormone to work on the uterus. Mostly commonly used medications/drugs for medical abortion are methotrexate and mifepristone. They can be used in combination or can be also used as a single medicine.

Surgical Abortion/Aspiration: this procedure is used to end the pregnancy of 16 weeks. It is also known as dilation and curettage (D&C), suction curettage.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration: In this procedure, a handheld medical instrument is used by a medical expert in the uterus and vagina to terminate the pregnancy. In this a gentle pressure is applied to the uterus to release the menstrual lining.

Second Trimester:

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) and Dilation and Curettage (D&C) are abortion procedures which are used to end pregnancy up to 16 weeks after gestation.

Induction Abortion is also an abortion method which is used but rarely to end the pregnancy during the second trimester. In this method, in the amniotic sac, urea, salt water and potassium chloride are injected. Intravenously, Pitocin is inserted and into the vagina, prostaglandins are introduced.

Third trimester:

Abortion in the third trimester of the pregnancy is also known as late term abortion and are illegal in many states in the country until and unless there are some exception like certain medical situations.

Induction Abortion can be done to end the pregnancy during the third trimester. Dilation and extraction method is used to end pregnancy up to 21 weeks from gestation. It is also referred to as Intact D&X. D&X, Partial Birth Abortion and Intrauterine Cranial Decompression.