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Abortion Pills Online Safety and Precautions

Abortion is the termination of the pregnancy which can occur naturally or can be artificially induced either by chemical means or surgical means. Chemically it is induced by using abortion pills, a method commonly known as Medical Abortion.

Early abortion usually is to terminate the pregnancy before the development of the fetus that is around 10 weeks of pregnancy. There are two methods which are available for the early abortion of the pregnancy that is during the first trimester, these are: Vacuum Aspiration and Medical Aspiration.

A women’s body needs at least 3-4 days to recover and heal properly. Due to an abortion, the tissues present in the cervix and uterus are more prone to any sort of infection. If during this healing time anything is inserted into the vagina, it will expose the cervix and uterus to many different kinds of microorganisms or bacteria leading to an infection. During the healing time there should not be any kind of penetration such as sex toys, fingers, douche or tampons.   

After a week, a physical examination is done to ensure the completion of the abortion procedure. The medical expert will use speculum and sterile gloves to make sure that the healing process is completed.

Safety Measures : Abortion Pills Online

There are some measures which need to be taken care of while taking birth control – Abortion Pills Online.

  • Should only be used by women who are above 18 years old.
  • One of the most important safety measures is that birth control pills should not be taken along with anti-seizures or antibiotics.
Should not be used
  • If the patient has an IUD inserted.
  • If the patient is allergic to any one of the two drugs.
  • If the patient is taking blood thinners or corticosteroids.
  • If the patient is having an ectopic pregnancy
  • If have any sort of lung disease, kidney disease or Addison disease.