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  • Misoprostol


The name ‘abortion pill’ itself explains that meaning that these medicinal products must be widely utilized for the purpose of discontinuing with unwanted pregnancy. This concept of termination of pregnancy resembles to the activity of miscarriage but the only difference among both the procedure is that, the process of termination of pregnancy happens either with the help of surgical abortion or medical abortion whereas, miscarriage gets conducted in natural manner.

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Misoprostol Wide Acclaimed Drug For Abandoning Gestation

The medical professionals explain that undergoing the process of aborting pregnancy is easier with the help of medical abortion process as compared with surgical abortion. In the technique of medical abortion, females just need to make consumption of certain abortion pills that are hugely available in the drug market. This process is safe, easy & less expensive as compared with surgical abortion. Moreover, in medical abortion, there forms to be no requirement for making use of surgical tools & can be conducted within the areas of convenience of the females & thus, Misoprostol also helps maintain with the privacy concept.

Misoprostol is an essential drug product which must be consumed by women for undergoing with the measures of medical abortion & causes with the successful results when the process of intake is combined with another medicinal product which is Mifeprex. This medicinal product is clinically sanctioned by the healthcare experts of Food & Drug Association (FDA) & hence, they are vital drug devices that easily help solve causes of unwished pregnancy in secured manner. These medicinal products must be consumed by the females within 9 weeks of last menstrual periods or within first trimester of pregnancy that helps for the achievement of efficient results of discontinuing pregnancy. These medicinal products are widely available in the medical shop & also from the online medical websites at favorable prices.

Method Of Administration: Misoprostol

Misoprostol has been characterized as prostaglandin analog drug device which must be essentially combined with another abortion pill which is Mifepristone or Mifeprex for the achievement of successful results of medical abortion. It is extremely important for maintaining with this sequence while making consumption of this drug device by the females. Misoprostol must be consumed by women after an interval of about 24-36 hours of making consumption of mifepristone drug device. After making intake of this drug device, the uterine region gets contracted easily which leads for the efficient removal of the dead fetus located in the embryo. Hence, women experience with intense cramps taking place in the uterine region & this helps for the effective expelling of the dead fetal cells & pregnancy tissues completely from the uterine region. This denotes for the completion of the entire procedure of the medical abortion.

Dosage & Side- Effects: Misoprostol

Women must follow with the guidelines which have been instructed to them by the health experts while making consumption of these medicinal products. Misoprostol must be incorporated by the females after a gap of 1-2 days after making incorporation of Mifepristone. The complete dose of this drug device is 200mcg & women needs to incorporate with 4 medicinal pills of Misoprostol which can be either consumed in oral manner or they can be administered through the vaginal region. This drug device also helps for treatment of other health conditions that include curing ulcer, pain suffered during arthritis, etc. The 4 medicinal pills must be consumed by women by maintaining gap among each other for about half an hour.

There might be rare side- effects affect the health of the female patients after making with the intake & they include vomiting, dizziness, extreme fatigue, stomach upset, etc. These must not persist for long intervals of time.

Precautionary Steps: Misoprostol

  1. Females must avoid with breast-feeding with their baby while making consumption of such Misoprostol drug devices as it would cause with stomach upset for the baby.
  2. If women suffer from allergic symptoms of this medicinal device after making with the consumption, they must immediately stop with the intake of this medicinal treatment & consult with the health expert.
  3. They must remove the intrauterine device if they have been making use of it before making consumption of such drug treatments.
  4. If the pregnancy is ectopic in nature, females need to avoid with the consumption of this drug device.